Our Quality Management System is certified to the International Standards Organization ISO 9001:2015 & the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) AS9100D standards and accredited to Nadcap AC7120 for circuit card assemblies, which provides us with strict process control procedures based upon a continuous improvement foundation in order to ensure consistent conformance to customer requirements and specifications. The current average quarterly performance of the Quality Management System is summarized as follows:

98.56% 99.00% 99.81%

With a focus on quality and on-time delivery performance metrics, our Quality Management System provides us with the ability to service the requirements of our customers in a manner that is second to none in the industry. Quality is controlled through the development and strict observance of documented process control to ensure that your products are produced consistently and correctly the same way, every time.  On-time delivery performance is measured and tracked to ensure that product is received by the customer as required. Both metrics are determined on a quarterly basis and corrective actions are taken specific to each customer if the metric is not achieved. The quality and delivery rolling-window performance trend of the Quality Management System is summarized as follows:

JAN-2011 98.10% >99.00%
FEB-2011 100.00% >99.00%
MAR-2011 100.00% >99.00%
APR-2011 100.00% >99.00%
MAY-2011 99.89% >99.00%
JUN-2011 100.00% >99.00%
JUL-2011 100.00% >99.00%
AUG-2011 100.00% >99.00%
SEP-2011 99.98% >99.00%
OCT-2011 98.44% >99.00%
NOV-2011 100.00% >99.00%
DEC-2011 99.93% >99.00%
JAN-2012 99.00% >99.00%
FEB-2012 100.00% >99.00%
MAR-2012 100.00% >99.00%
APR-2012 99.51% >99.00%
MAY-2012 100.00% >99.00%
JUN-2012 99.93% >99.00%
JUL-2012 100.00% >99.00%
AUG-2012 99.88% >99.00%
SEP-2012 100.00% >99.00%
OCT-2012 99.66% >99.00%
NOV-2012 100.00% >99.00%
DEC-2012 97.07% >99.00%
JAN-2013 100.00% >99.00%
FEB-2013 96.24% >99.00%
MAR-2013 100.00% >99.00%
APR-2013 95.50% >99.00%
MAY-2013 98.32% >99.00%
JUN-2013 99.71% >99.00%
JUL-2013 100.00% >99.00%
AUG-2013 95.67% >99.00%
SEP-2013 100.00% >99.00%

Each product is fully reviewed by our Engineering Review Board prior to release to production. The Engineering Review Board is responsible for the development of all process control documentation required for successful product realization, including all bills of materials, travelers & routers, prints & drawings and work instructions. Work instructions are comprehensive documents that clearly define in detail and without ambiguity the complete production process including assembly, inspection, testing, packaging and shipping with an emphasis on all applicable quality criteria.

Applicable quality criteria includes all specifications and requirements and are based on industry standards and customer supplied product documentation including bills of materials, drawings, prints and schematics. While process control documentation is difficult and time consuming to properly develop, once it is generated and published in our Quality Management System, it becomes an invaluable and powerful asset in helping us to achieve only the highest and consistent quality product that our customers have come to expect from us.


In addition to the standard Terms and Condition of Purchase that apply to every purchase order, suppliers must understand the applicable paragraphs of the Supplier Quality Flow Down Requirements as they apply to them and their sub-tier suppliers.

QS-305.0.3 REV 7
Supplier Quality Flow Down Requirements
April 4, 2023

Please contact your buyer with any questions or comments on the applicable flow down requirements that may apply to you during the fulfillment of a purchase order.

Technical Manufacturing Corporation recommends that all suppliers who supply goods and services to the company that are directly used in the product realization process review the Counterfeit Awareness Training Program.

QS-211.19 REV 1
Counterfeit Awareness Training Program
August 10, 2016

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later is required and is password protected. Please contact your procurement representative to request access to this document.