As a contract electronics manufacturer of high-reliability and mission-critical assemblies that are used in harsh environment applications, Technical Manufacturing Corporation maintains a comprehensive foreign object debris (FOD) program which identifies and treats the facility as an awareness area. Our foreign object debris program helps to ensure that foreign objects (FO) alien to the product or process which can result in foreign object damage is minimized and controlled to ensure that your high-reliability products are guaranteed to perform as expected.

All operators are fully trained in the potentially damaging effects of foreign object debris, which can include (but is certainly not limited to) dust, debris, lead clippings, flux residue, solder balls or splashes, electrostatic discharge, moisture, fingerprints and other contaminants that can result in a catastrophic field failure after installation by the end user or reduce the mean-time-between-failure (MTBF) of the product. Where applicable, operators wear powder-free nitrile gloves, finger cots and electrostatic discharge safe smocks when handling product at all times to prevent foreign object debris from originating from the operator which can impact the reliability of the product.

Workstations where product is or can be processed always remain free and clear at all times of all external items that are not directly used in the production process to prevent exposure to foreign object debris. All small hand tools, fixtures or other production related devices are specifically assigned to each operator for each sequence or operation step and documented upon return for full accountability at all times. Shadowboxing is employed at operator workstations which clearly identifies missing tools or other production related items. Workstation areas are protected by grounded electrostatic discharge safe mats coupled with continuous zero-volt monitors to prevent the damaging effects of electrostatic discharge as foreign object debris. In addition, all workstations are equipped with Simco CenturION air ionizers. McDry dry boxes are installed on both the production floor and in the stockroom for the temporary storage of plastic encapsulated moisture sensitive devices prior to use or application to protect them from absorbing moisture which can result in their destruction during the wave soldering or reflow processes.

Housekeeping is paramount to the success of any foreign object debris program and at Technical Manufacturing Corporation this is no exception. Operators are personally responsible for thoroughly cleaning their own workstations and the surrounding areas upon the completion of each operation step and at the end of their shift to ensure that exposure to foreign object debris is eliminated. Furthermore, the entire production floor is thoroughly vacuumed on a nightly basis. No food or drink is allowed to be brought into any area by an operator where product is or can be handled.

The information indicated here is provided as a summarization only. Please contact us during normal business hours for a more detailed description of any area of our foreign object debris control program.