With electronic parts and components getting smaller and more densely populated every day, they become more susceptible to the damaging effects of electrostatic discharge (ESD). Parts and components that are handled without the protection of an adequate electrostatic discharge control program can be destroyed or, even worse, have their mean time between failure (MTBF) shortened such that the part can suddenly and without notice fail in the field. Clearly, it is perhaps the most important system that any electronics-based company today can implement, especially where products used in high reliability and mission critical applications such as medical, aerospace and defense are concerned. Some of the elements of our electrostatic discharge control program include:
  • Engineering Review Board (ERB) evaluation of all sensitive components
  • Complete STATGUARD static safe floor treatment throughout the facility
  • Static safe paper and covers used throughout all production areas
  • Air ionizers, continuous monitors and grounded mats on all workstations
  • Conductive smocks, wrist- and foot-straps used by all production employees
  • Static-safe hand lotions, gloves and finger cots used where applicable
  • Signage and aisle markings to segregate and protect workstations
  • Active humidification control system throughout all production areas
  • Temperature & humidity data loggers for real-time environmental monitoring
  • Vacuum sealers to prevent cross contact between inventory parts
  • All equipment, inventory storage racks, carts and bins are fully grounded
  • Static safe packing and shipping materials from fillers, bags and tapes
  • Caution markings and warnings indicated on all shipping containers

Our electrostatic discharge control program was inspired by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and was subsequently developed as a world-class electrostatic control system that rivals those found in only the largest electronics manufacturing service providers. Our electrostatic discharge control program is compliant with industry standard ANSI/ESD S20.20 and is based on a Human Body Model (HBM), Charged Device Model (CDM) and Machine Model (MM) of 100 volts. It covers all aspects of the manufacturing process beginning with raw materials receipt to finished goods delivery to the customer. All employees who are responsible for the handling of electronic parts and components in any way are fully trained in the best practices of electrostatic discharge control prior to deployment.

As the information indicated here is a summarization only, please contact us during normal business hours for a more detailed description of any area of our electrostatic discharge control program.