Oct 17 - The Aerospace Components Manufacturers (ACM) Group Welcomes the Company into Membership

Feb 17 - Company Receives NADCAP AC7120 Accreditation in Electronics for Circuit Card Assemblies for the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Apr 16 - Company Joins Government Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) to Help Support Counterfeit Part Risk Mitigation Efforts

Dec 15 - Vossloh-Schwabe Contracts with the Company for Domestic Production of LED Lighting Modules for the North American Market

Aug 15 - Company Submits Qualification Builds of Circuit Card Assemblies used on the Boeing CST-100 Crew Space Transportation Spacecraft

Mar 15 - Company Qualified by Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control as Approved Supplier for CLASS 3 Circuit Card Assemblies

Jan 15 - Company Reaches and Celebrates Thirty Year Anniversary Milestone

Oct 14 - Company Hosts State Representative in Plant Tour to support the CT20x17 Business Climate Campaign

Jun 14 - Company Procures X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer for RoHS Certification and Counterfeit Parts Mitigation


– the preferred contract electronics manufacturer of choice for successful high technology-based companies around the country for thirty years. We understand that in competitive and dynamic markets, offering high quality products and competitive prices alone is simply not enough. Our customers require the unparalleled customer service and manufacturing support that we provide to them through communication, responsiveness and flexibility to continually satisfy their rigorous demands and evolving product specifications. More»

Today, we specialize in the manufacture of advanced technology printed circuit board, printed wiring board and circuit card assemblies that span across all industries and include everything from general consumer electronics to high performance products where reliability and continued performance is critical. They are used in such diverse commercial, industrial and military applications that range from staple guns, label printers, video slot machines, stereo components, motion picture audio recorders, cable jacket spark testers, fiber optic routers, high frequency coaxial antennas, diesel engines, tactical fighter planes, submarine sonar arrays and neonatal monitoring equipment to name just a few. More»

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